Los Angeles Pavilion Luxury Dog Show Awards: Spring 2009

"March madness" was tame compared to the excitement generated by the Luxury Pet Pavilion Show in Los Angeles, a few weeks ago. The exhibitors were luxury dog product companies and dogs themselves, dressed to the nines, walking the famous Pavilion red carpet. Three contests were the highlights of the event: Best Dressed Dog, Best Booth, and Best New Product.


Best Dressed Dog Wiiner: Bobby Gorgeous

Dressed in his Sergeant Tucker jacket from One Lucky Dog Couture, Bobby Gorgeous sports authentic Army medals, ribbons and patches. Bobby, a five-year old white Pomeranian, is owned by Guylynn Gia, his best friend and stylist. Bobby will be the mascot for the 2010 Los Angeles Pavilion Luxury Dog Show.



The Luxury Pet Pavilion donates part of its booth fees to Angel On A Leash, a dog therapy program sponsored by the Westminister Kennel Club. Angel dogs make hospital visits, including VA hospitals where they comfort wounded military men and women dressed in the Sargeant Tucker jacket!



Best Booth Winner: Rockin' Doggie

Selected for Best Booth design, was Rockin' Doggie, with a simple but effective statement of dog luxury. Rockin' Doggie was the winner among 140 booths... I wonder if its adorable trademark French Bulldogs, featured prominently in the display, had anything to do with the company's win?



Rockin' Doggie, designers of dog accessories and jewelry for dogs and their owners, impressed the award committee with new Rockin' Doggie Crest Charms in pewter... (only 2 styles shown)



... and the Rockin' Doggie Guitar Pick Dog Tags in silver and pewter. (only 2 styles shown)












Best Product: Dog Bag

Doggie Walk Bags won best product for its design of the Dog Bag, a "designer dispenser" for their Doggie Walk Bags, fashioned after a designer purse and intended to be worn on one's belt or purse. These are available in Black with Blue, Black with Pink, Black with Purple, and Black with White.



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