'Lost' Cast, Crew Tweet & Take Shelter From Hawaii Tsunami

On Saturday, February 27, after a devastating earthquake hit Chile, reports indicated that a Tsunami will wreak havoc throughout the Pacific, hitting not only Chile, but also Mexico, the West Coast of the US and as far west as Hawaii. The cast and crew of popular TV show 'Lost' have made Hawaii their home for the past six seasons. In the wake of this natural disaster, the producers have used Twitter to communicate with the cast and crew.

First to access the microblogging platform was executive producer Carlon Cuse who sent out a tweet alert to his 'Lost' team: "To ALL on the Lost crew - responding to the Tsunami warning -- safe refuge is available at the the studio.

He adds, "Wave to reach Hawaii just after 11 AM."

Meanwhile, the show's co-creator Damon Lindelof posted: "Praying for Chile and all the islands of Hawaii. Please send our cast and crew all your positive energy."

Just prior to posting this blog, Lisa Poet sent this tweet to the Director Kevin Smith (note: Kevin Smith is the director of the movies "Clerks," "Dogma" and the new release "Cop Out" - who recently made his own Twitter news on a Southwest Airlines flight). It appears the cast and crew have moved to the top floor of a Hawaii hotel waiting to be airlifted off the island.

Andy Bumatai, a Hawaiian TV Talk Show Host and comedian lightens the mood somewhat as he tweets wiith a bit of much needed levity from O`ahu.

The fictional disasters that are scripted into this TV show pale in comparison to this real-life horrific storm headed their way. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the 'Lost' cast and crew as well as the millions of people that reside on the Hawaiian islands.

Update:  February 27- 6:35PM ET - Carlton Cuse sent this tweet indicating that cast and crew of 30+ were safe and accounted for.

Please see my previous blog titled, "Social Networks Tweet, YouTube & Status Update News From Chile Tsunami Epicenter," to obtain social media news pertaining to Chile. I will update both posts with other tweet updates as they are made available.

UPDATE:  February 28 - Shakespeare might have said "much to do about nothing," but definitely the cast and crew are happy there will be no RETAKE of what they went through yesterday not knowing if the Hawaii islands would be hit.  So fittingly enough, Carlton Cuse's last tweet on the subject is the most poignant. (note to self: I don't think the last episode of 'Lost' will have anything to do with a Tsunami! )

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