Lose Toto? Who Are You Going to Call?

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If you lost your dog or cat, who are you going to call?

No, the answer is not Ghostbusters!

If Krislyn Sterlino, owner of FindToto has anything to say about it, you will call her company, which can send out up to 5,000 messages to people in your area - for a price, of course.

When someone loses their pet, they can pay Sterlino's company from $59.99 to $499.99. The company will then contact people surrounding a home to help try to find the pet. The more you pay, the more homes they contact.

For instance, for $59.99, the company will contact 250 homes surrounding yours. For $499.99, it will contact 5,000 homes!

Sterlino operates the business with her brother. On her Web site, Sterlino notes that after she lost her cat, "Cutie McPretty," she became frustrated when she visited the houses of her neighbors and found many of them were not at home. "That is when the not so obvious method came to me," she writes on her Web site. "I thought, I really wish I could call all my neighbors and at least leave a message."

According to a report from CBN News, FindToto has helped reunite 14 pets with their owners since launching in November.

Thomas A. Parmalee
Guest Blogger

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