Lost Your Android? It's No Problem If You've Got Seek Droid

Android users, listen up! When you have a busy day job where the problems from work just don't seem to stop brewing in your head, chances are you'll end up to be quite the forgetful or absent-minded person. Or you might be a stay-at-home parent who's got both hands full with child-rearing drama and challenges that even five minutes of silence would start to feel like heaven.

So it wouldn't come as a surprise then if you went out on some errands only to come back home and realize that your Android-powered phone is missing and that you cannot, for the life of you, remember where you left it or when you even last used it.

It's a good thing the folks at GT Media LLC had people like you in mind when they developed Seek Droid.

Seek Droid is an app for the Android that can help you locate your device when it goes missing or if it gets stolen. It installs as a security administrator so you can activate the app remotely from the Seek Droid website whenever you need to. If your phone was stolen, you might think that your device is definitely a goner because the thief could just simply uninstall the app and go scott free. But the makers of the app are one step ahead of you: the Seek Droid site actually gives you the option of hiding the app in the app drawer so the culprit will be none the wiser.

The app is different from others like it in its category because it doesn't scan for malware. This means that the app won't need to constantly run in the background and lead to the drainage of power from your battery.

Seek Droid has a clean and simple interface that allows you to navigate through it quickly and easily. When your phone goes missing, here are some of the things that you can do to try to get it back:

  • Remotely enable GPS so you can track it
  • Locate the device on a map using the Seek Droid website
  • Turn on the audible alarm remotely even if the phone is on silent mode
  • Display a custom message when the alarm is on

You can remotely lock your device while you try to locate it. However, if you've got some files on your phone that you'd prefer erasing rather than run the risk of having it opened by a complete stranger, then you have the option of wiping out your entire phone and the SD card in it remotely through the Seek Droid site.

The best part of this is that you just need to shell out $0.99 in order to get the kind of protection that Seek Droid offers! How's that for value?

You can get Seek Droid by using the QR Code to the left or by going to the Android Market.

Visit the developer's site here: GT Media LLC
Or check out the Seek Droid site here: Seek Droid