Lotteria's Bacon Hangover Cheeseburger Lays It On Extra Thick & Double Wide

Lotteria's upcoming limited-edition “Bacon Hangover Cheeseburger” not only thinks outside the bun, it dares to go there! What's more, the new extended-range burger features bacon so thick it can probably carry the burger without any help from the beef.

Google Translate describes the bacon cheeseburger as a “super heavyweight” and when it comes to the bacon, they've hit the mark. No girly-man strip or strips here: this is a SLAB just under a half-inch thick; 12mm for you metric system maniacs out there. It looks at first glance like a slice of SPAM but not to worry, bacon-lovers, Lotteria remains a SPAM-free zone.

It's thick and it's wide as well, extending out into the rarefied air on either side of the burger. There's no sizing issue here, only Lotteria's deliciously nefarious plan that goes by the name of “Hamidashi,” which means “to jut out” or to hang over something. Indeed, this is one case where the hangover comes first for those with a thirst for bacon. Yes, we did say thirst. 

The Bacon Hangover Cheeseburger is the second of Lotteria's dynamic duo of extra-wide-topped burgers with the first being the ultra-wide Shrimp Patty Burger set to hit store menus on February 22nd.

Just over a month later with the Shrimp Patty Burger about to end its 5-week run, the Bacon Hangover Cheeseburger joins the party and hangs around (and over and out) until the end of April. Priced at 500 yen ($5.40) each, the burgers may not be an outstanding value but they most definitely do stand out. (via Entabe and Cheezburger)