Lotteria's French Fries With Chocolate Dipping Sauce: A Salty & Sweet Valentine's Day Treat

Valentine's Day is on the way and Japan's Lotteria fast food restaurants have got an extra-special unexpected sweet treat for you and your nom-nom-nomming significant other: fries with a side of chocolate dipping sauce!

The unlikely combo is the result of a promotional partnership between two sides of the same Lotte coin: both Lotteria and Ghana brand chocolate are part of Lotte's far-flung food and foodstuffs empire. Since Valentine's Day in Japan is all about giving chocolate to secret and not-so-secret admirees, Lotteria enlisted their kissin' cousins at Ghana in this unique venture... or should we say, ADventure.

Those unfamiliar with the true, nefarious nature of Lotteria's Valentine's Day fries might be fooled by the posters advertising the eyebrow-raising entree: one naturally assumes an order of fries includes a chocolate tart for dessert. Oh how we wish that were so!

The horrible truth is that the tart comes empty; it's merely an edible dish into which one squeezes a pouch of Lotteria's special chocolate dipping sauce (made with Ghana chocolate, natch). Once squeezed, start dipping those fries and begin (according to Lotteria's press release) “enjoying an exquisite balance with the mellow sweetness of the chocolate and salty potato.”

Assuming this vile Valentine's Day promotion is successful, Lotteria just might go to the well one more time for White Day, which arrives on March 14th. On White Day, the gift-giving roles are reversed in that the ladies who gave their guys chocolate on Valentine's Day become the recipients of white-themed sweet treats.

Lotte's obvious move would to have Lotteria restaurants offer Ghana chocolate bars with a side order of mashed potatoes for dipping. Can't hardly wait!