Lotteria's Massive 14” Big Rib Sandwich Is A McRib On Steroids

Japan's Lotteria restaurants are celebrating the first anniversary of their popular Pork Ribs Sandwich in a BIG way with a Big Rib Sandwich! The 35cm (14”) long limited-edition pork-apalooza features three boneless McRib-style patties laid end-to-end on a sliced baguette bun.

McDonald's McRib sandwich, as we all know, is an intermittently-appearing fast food cult classic beloved by many and disparaged by a vocal few. The latter seem to have issues with the boneless “rib” patty lurking between the buns; specifically the method of its manufacture.

The former don't seem to care HOW it's made as long as the McRib s available for sale in their locale... for these devotees, “Shut up and take my money!” is a given.

Who could guess McRib Mania would become a global phenomenon? As mentioned, East Asian fast food restaurant chain Lotteria has enjoyed great success with their version of the boneless pork sandwich over the past year and the company's head honchos figure if customers like the Pork Ribs Sandwich, as they've dubbed it, they'll like it even more if there's more of it to like. Got that?

Which brings us to the Big Rib Sandwich promotional campaign running from July 10th through 17th inclusive, although a unique nationwide (in Japan, at least) pre-sale took place on July 3rd at 103 stores in the cities of Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Tokyo, Sendai, and Sapporo. For just 500 yen (about $5 at current exchange rates) customers can enjoy a temporary triple treat: a Japanese McRib analogue stretching a full 35cm or 14 inches from one end to the other. Suck it, Subway!

Being as Lotteria offers the regular Pork Ribs Sandwich (right) for 390 yen or just under $4, the Big Rib Sandwich is a big deal indeed. As well, Lotteria takes the original McRib pork/onions/pickles on a bun formula and embellishes it, if that's even possible.

Lettuce tops boneless pork patties marinated in soy sauce, along with mayonnaise and a special BBQ sauce made with Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, white & black pepper, garlic, chili powder and a “secret ingredient”: clove powder. Oh, and the whole “McRib On Steroids” thing? Just a figure of speech of course. (images via Gigazine)