Lotus Engineering Releases Range Extending Engine Design

Over the years, we have come to expect great things from the Lotus Engineering team, which they have been more than able to provide. The research and development they accomplish has been used in a myriad of applications extending far beyond their automotive realm. Recently, they unveiled a new range extending motor that will most likely follow the same path of global application.

As most people interested in electric vehicles will tell you, one of the biggest drawbacks is range. We have been able to overcome this problem by using technology such as regenerative braking and small, more efficient motors to produce additional energy for the electric motors to use. These range extending devices are however, usually unique to the vehicle and could therefore be costly to fix.

The new 1.3 liter Lotus range extending engine could solve this issue by offering a universal solution to a multitude of available applications. The three cylinder engine produces 47 horsepower and uses a monoblock construction to ensure the maximum efficiency can be reached. By integrating the cylinder head and exhaust manifold into the block, it eliminates any weaker areas and allows less heat to escape.

Lotus has not released information regarding production or availability.

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