Louis Vuitton Roses, the Right Gift for Japan's White Day


Louis Vuitton... it's the one brand name status-seekers in Japan prize over all the others. On "White Day", Louis Vuitton monogrammed roses will ensure that YOUR name receives the same appreciation.

Though the golden days of Japan's bubble economy have long since passed, Louis Vuitton lingers as the leading name of luxury and living the good life. The French company has managed to retain their position as a much-desired label, even as today's slumping economy makes Louis Vuitton handbags, shoes and other luxury accessories increasingly, well, luxurious.

"Frankly Scarlett, i DO give a damn!""Frankly Scarlett, i DO give a damn!"


Louis Vuitton knows its market, however, and "LV" has launched an interesting new marketing ploy just in time for White Day on March 14th. "White Day" came about when chocolate and confectionary companies in Japan wanted to extend the sales boom that coincided with Valentine's Day.

Their solution was ingenious - since Valentine's Day in Japan was when women bought their men (and male friends, bosses, co-workers and so on) chocolate, "White Day" one month later would be the time when Japan's men returned the favor by buying their women (and female friends, bosses, co-workers and so on) something white, usually white chocolate.

A rose by any other name... just won't do it on White DayA rose by any other name... just won't do it on White Day


All well and good, except that candy and chocolate are sweet and fattening - other white gifts, preferably expensive inedible ones, are preferred nowadays. Hey, it's tough to be a guy in Japan! Anyway, this brings us back to Louis Vuitton.  What woman wouldn't enjoy receiving a gift of white roses from her guy? But wait... not just ANY white roses. Make them Louis Vuitton monogrammed white roses, made of delicate white fabric and bearing the distinctive LV monogram and symbols.

Your Louis Vuitton handbag runneth over... so doth my VISA balanceYour Louis Vuitton handbag runneth over... so doth my VISA balance


The Louis Vuitton Japan website (from where these sumptuous images came) shows the "monogram flowers" in all their glory, conveniently matched with a variety of Louis Vuitton handbags and purses (hint hint - dumb, LV's not).

One classic Louis Vuitton handbag is depicted practically overflowing with a couple dozen monogrammed white LV roses - which should cost you rather handsomely since each rose is priced at 4000 Yen (about $39). Oh yeah, she's gonna love you long time, fellas... at least, she'd better! (via A Rinkya Blog)

Mar 11, 2008
by Anonymous

By they way

Sorry for my ignorance - but when is the White Day?
Seems so cute a tradition to me...

Mar 12, 2008
by Steve Levenstein
Steve Levenstein's picture

White Day is March 14

As mentioned in the article, White Day comes every March 14, exactly one month after Valentine's Day.