Love Card Helps The Elderly Find The Food They're Looking For

It sounds like something used on an Internet dating site, but the Love Card is in fact a concept design from Shen Ming intended to help those who can't see so well still get a great buy in the grocery store.

We've all seen them; poor old men and women who are seemingly lost in the aisles of the grocery store either pushing a forlorn and empty cart or arguing with the nice guy behind the meat counter about how he isn't doing his job right. For many people who go to the grocery store - the elderly and sight-impaired alike - finding what you want isn't easy when everything is designed to be read, examined and really carefully inspected before you buy it. Price tags are small and sometimes missing, ingredients are tucked away on the back of a box; it can be difficult to find what you need if your eyesight isn't up to snuff.

Now thanks to Shen Ming comes the oddly-named Love Card, a small tag that can identify products using RFID. All a user has to do it wear the Card around their neck and scan a tag or hand it to the grocery employee to wave over the product that their looking for. Based on the information contained in the tag, the Love Card will "translate" the item's vital statistics into a speaking voice and relay that information to the consumer.

Love card: how do you like those apples?Love card: how do you like those apples? 

Ok. There are some issues here. First, not everything is going to have RFID tags. Sure, a consumer can grab a product hold it to their body to get the info, but the picture above shows apples. Apples will not be embedded with tags and while the bin might have a tag on it, finding it could be hard. Next is the fact that the thing is going to speak out loud. This is a great idea until you get about 50 of these things in a store together and then hearing becomes just as difficult as seeing. We'd hope to see a headphone jack in later versions.

RFID technology is becoming more common and we laud Ming for her ambitious design, but we do think a re-do on the name is almost essential for this thing to be picked up.

Source: Yanko