Love Cheese And Chocolate? How About Blue Cheese Truffles?


Food can be so indulgent and comforting at the same time.  Some decadent items like chocolate and cheese have a wide variety of types to choose from, which is part of the enjoyment for anyone who loves them.  There are those who consider themselves connoisseurs of all things chocolate and there are some who fancy themselves aficionados of all varieties of cheese, but even though there are people who love both, I never thought that I would see the two treats merged aside from in a silky piece of chocolate cheesecake.

I was wrong.  Anyone who is a diehard fan of both chocolate and cheese had better make room because there is a new combination to try.  LillieBelle Farms, along with Rogue Creamery, have created Smokey Blue Truffles to tantalize your taste buds.  They are a completely unexpected combination of smokey blue cheese and organic milk chocolate all rolled up in toasted almonds.

Apparently the blue cheese used in this surprising confection has been honored with several cheese awards.  It is smoked with hazelnut shells, which reportedly helps to unify the flavor with the almonds on the outside of the truffles. 

I must admit, I am curious.



Source: Lillie Belle Farms