The Love Mattress: Modern Sleeping Solutions for Couples

Sleeping entwined with another is a novel concept, but there's always the problem of that extra arm. Where does one put it? Mehdi Mojtabvi's Love Mattress offers a simple solution for the chronic limp arm that often results from sleeping while wrapped in a prolonged embrace.

Mojtabvi has studied the embracing styles of couples while in bed and has confirmed what we all know -- that having your arm flattened under your partner's body for prolonged periods of cuddling isn't exactly comfortable. What's more, it may even prove detrimental to your health! Technically speaking, it puts abnormal pressure on the muscles, blood vessels and nerves, and over time can result in a condition termed "radial neuropathy," whose symptoms include weakness in wrist dorsiflexion and finger extension.

Finally, an answer to this age-old predicament has arrived! Winner of the red dot design concept award in 2007, the idea of the Love Mattress is simple: A solid unit makes up the middle portion of the bed, with several adjoining strips of foam connected at either end. Between these slats one can drop their shoulder or arm, allowing for a much more comfortable sleeping position while remaining all snuggled up.

Each polyurethane-injected foam strip is covered with a smooth fabric which allows for easy sliding, and after assembly the whole mattress can be covered with a standard bed linen. Not only is it good for sharing with another, but it also works for other positions, like stomach sleeping, where you can let your foot dip into the gaps.

Fexible Modular Love Mattress DetailsFexible Modular Love Mattress Details


So, say goodbye to that slack arm. Right now it's still only a concept, but if the Love Mattress hits production mode you'll be good to go for hours of fine spooning action.

Red Dot Design Award WinnerRed Dot Design Award Winner

Found at red dot (site page no longer available).

Mar 5, 2008
by Anonymous


Actually a fantastic idea, i'm always in one of these predicaments when with a girl and my arm feels like it's going to Fucking fall off so well done you genius'... Get it in to production.

Mar 5, 2008
by Anonymous

Easy to make.

Well this is really kind of a good idea, but I ain't gonna pay lots of cash for something I could just make myself. It's not really that novel a concept. Just get strips of foam (memory foam is the best if you can afford it) Then fabric of choice, sew a sleeve for the strips, you can even make them with zippers for removal/washing. You don't even need a sheet if the strip covers are washable. Maybe even have ties at the ends of each strip to keep them all together. Really, people, if ya put your mind to it, these "Revolutionary" ideas aren't that hard to do if ya got the means and imagination, which most people do.

Mar 8, 2008
by Anonymous

Clean Sleeper

The things that will get caught between the slats will be beyond disgusting. Think of all the "stuff" you've gotten on a bedsheet in your lifetime and then imagine finding that later and cleaning it out of the cracks.. Body hair, skin flakes, dirt from your feet, misplaced used prevention methods, cat and dog hair notwithstanding..

Mar 18, 2008
by Anonymous

you all suck

Ok, I hate the internet. You all suck. Not everyone. The people who are actually complimenting it or talking intellectually about the product, you guys rule, go have a party or something in celebration. But everyone else who is belittling this product, and everyone who is saying men with it are gay. Let me rant. If you could do it yourself and it's not such a novel idea, then why didn't you get off your fat ass, stop watching Stark trek all day and masturbating to Hentai and fucking put yourself to use in society instead of belittling a nice little invention. There was a guy who had the idea we all had, but he finally wasn't lazy. You suck. Next, why is it gay? The bed isn't humping other beds of the same gender. It doesn't even have a gender. And why does LOVING A WOMAN and wanting to be comfortable with your WOMAN make you gay? You honestly have no life, you probably drink your sorrows away and beat your wife and kids and go cheat on your wife, or girlfriend. Well guess what? Soon she'll walk in on you masturbating to Extremely homosexual porn. I mean like college experimentation gerbil in the ass gay. And she'll leave you and you'll find and her and beat her to death cause she left you and "NO WOMAN LEAVES ME!!!!" You guys suck, get off the internet, stop belittling people OVER the internet. Out yourself to use in society, or die, I really don't care, either way, I win.

I know this is super hypocritical of me to be yelling at people over the internet. I know this, but this seems to be the only market where you'll eat at least a little shit bite of reality.

Oh and I'm honestly never gonna look at this site again because I never go on the internet, because I matter, or I am busy. So rant all you want you ignorant person, I honestly don't care.

Apr 22, 2008
by Anonymous

And why would that be? The

And why would that be?
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May 27, 2008
by Anonymous

great idea. as for the

great idea. as for the sheet - I don't know so much about using a standard sheet, but if this thing does hit production, it would follow that a sheet would also be produced that was simply longer in length to fill in the space created by being pushed down into the folds. No sleeves, no zippers, just longer to make up for the extra surface area.

Sep 24, 2008
by Anonymous


I think this is a much better idea than my "detachable arm" idea--i haven't been able to come up with good way to cut off ones arms and reattach it in a functionable way. ...the only problem is a sheet would kinda hinder the slots. But they could also spread into the market by manufacturing sheets which are the correct width but have an extra 6" to a foot of length so taht some fabric would slip into the slots allowing for full positioning.

I love this idea.... i'd totally look into it.