Love Meets Money in Wenzhou's Multi-Million Dollar Wedding Motorcade

It was a scene once thought unimaginable in China: over two dozen luxury cars including brand new Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari models hit the road as a private wedding motorcade cruised through the eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou. It was a wedding crasher's dream... unless, of course, you crash. 

Wenzhou, located in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang, has earned a reputation for its formidable in-your-face entrepreneurial spirit and the aggressively pro-business attitude of its citizens.

Known as the “birthplace of China's private economy,” Wenzhou was the first city in China to allow individual and private enterprises to spring up after national economic reform laws were passed in 1978. The bustling seaport is also a national leader in structural and financial system reform.

If this gleaming fleet of luxocars is any indication, Wenzhou's fervent pursuit of the almighty renminbi is paying off big time. 

Very public expressions of wealthiness such as this megabuck motorcade are rubbing more than a few Chinese the wrong way, however. Internet discussion forums have slammed the event and its participants, pointedly asking “Just what kind of example and morality does this give the next generation? What social justice, those with money call the shots!”, to use just one example.

Maybe all the criticism is merely jealousy – China's rise to economic power hasn't  trickled down as equally as the late Chairman Mao may have hoped. Indeed, when the average annual incomes of China's billion-plus citizens are taken into consideration, Chinese society is anything BUT wealthy.

Displays of wealth such as the Wenzhou Wedding Motorcade could provoke a backlash from political conservatives should China's economy endure any hiccups along the road. Should that happen, those given a bumpy ride might decide to throw bricks instead of rice. (via ChinaSMACK)