Love To Read Or Watch TV In Bed? Then Check Out These Back And Knee Pillows

Unless you have a very hard mattress and want to sit stick-straight up while you're trying to read your novel or watch Desperate Housewives, you may find yourself gradually slipping further and further down your spine until you're actually sitting on your neck.  Most bed lounges don't have enough support to keep that from happening.  But the Superior Comfort Bed Lounger & Knee Pillow practically guarantee that even if you doze off, you'll be sitting up!



The Superior Comfort Bed Lounger not only offers solid, but softly cushioned, flexible back support that conforms to your body's contours and movements, but it provides neck support with an adjustable head rest that moves with your head - especially important if you read with your head moving from side to side.

The lumbar pillow is adjustable and detachable, and the armrests are directed inward towards your body to help support your weight.  (Think about your last bed lounger with arm rests reaching away from your body.)




Now the Superior Comfort Knee Pillow, sold separately, is the first knee wedge with an infinite number of positions to help support your legs.  The pillow has an internal air piston that regulates the firmness of the pillow; you can basically dial up your desired firmness by a twist of a side-placed knob.

The Superior Comfort Knee Pillow has a light-weight hollow-cell polypropylene foundation.  It is surrounded by a pillow of aircraft grade foam and a cotton, washable cover. 




Can't you just see yourself cozying up to these pillows?  I may get last summer's reading done yet!


Keeping you posted...


Jan 6, 2010
by Anonymous

Um... It's called a chair.

I'm pretty sure this was invented a long time ago. Like when man was invented.

Jan 8, 2010
by Anonymous

aircraft grade foam?

Does that make it as comfortable as an airline seat? (That's a selling point?)