A "Love" Seat For Net Surfers: The Calypso Chair

When you think of a love seat, net surfing doesn't immediately come to mind. But from toddlers to seniors, between mates, friends or colleagues, most will admit that they do love the Internet. It's a good thing, because so much of our existence relies on the Internet for information and income... and more and more of us are working at home, where a traditional love seat just doesn't do the trick.





In recognition of this major lifestyle change to digital, Brandon Allen designed the Calypso, perhaps so-named because it speaks the language of our current culture. A totally utilitarian love seat, the Calypso's double-jointed structure bends into just about every position possible for net-surfing and conversational activities.

This two-seater has arms and desks that can be tucked away when not desired, seats that can be twisted to face outward or towards each other, a storage space beneath for papers, books, or other 3-dimensional objects, such as one's laptop and, when not in use, the Calypso folds up for use as a cool coffee table.

Great design, don't you think?

via Design Blog