Love Waffles? The Cloer Model 1621 Appeals to Your Heart

Leggo my Eggo... you're breakin' my heart!Leggo my Eggo... you're breakin' my heart!
Waffles... square by design? There's no reason why should they be, unless you're heating frozen ones up in a toaster. A Japanese kitchen appliance manufacturer named Cloer has a different idea when it comes to waffles, one that will touch your heart - literally.

"Invented in Belgium, perfected in Japan"... The island nation's creative types have a long history of taking someone else's idea and making it better than ever. Such is the case with the Cloer Waffle maker, model 1621.

It seems rude to even consider the sleek, attractive 1621 as an appliance, especially compared to your basic clamshell waffle-maker that lurks inside the closet. This one will beautify any countertop with its modern look and smooth surfaces. The vertical "at rest" position is also very thoughtful, allowing it to save space while appearing most un-waffle-iron-like.

The basic concept behind the waffle is to take a formless liquid batter and, by applying heat, cause it to solidify. Therefore, the waffle's final shape is limited only by that of the waffle iron... and square, frankly, is for squares!

A detailed, illustrated review of the Cloer model 1621 by Impress Watch is in Japanese but contains enough images for you to get the idea. This sleek & stylish waffle maker creates a truly beautiful waffle in the shape of a cherry blossom!

But that's not all - the "blossom" can be easily separated into 5 constituent petals, each one in the shape of a heart. Makes the traditional square seem somehow listless, lifeless and lacking in luster, does it not? You can get this heart waffle maker here on Amazon. (via TokyoMango)

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Jun 15, 2008
by Anonymous


wouldn't it have been simpler to just do things that fit into the ordinary waffle maker when cold and it could stand the heat and have different patterns/shapes for each thing *shrugs* probably exist already such things to put into ordinary waffle makers. Though probably be hard to remove the waffle when done.

Jun 15, 2008
by Anonymous

checked on google

and it seems to exists molds already so why do a new waffle maker

Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous

For Caring Lovers

Heart Waffles are for lovers who take the time to express just that, love. Only they can understand, while the rest can't imagine such value.