Lovely Eco-Silverware Jewelry For Your Love







Jennifer Northup, a talented jewelry designer, deserves applause for her innovative eco-jewelry. Recycled from vintage antique silverware of the 1800s she molds silverware (handles and other parts) into elegant belts buckles, necklace pendants, bracelets, rings, spoon watches, cardholders, etc.

Her artwork is amazingly beautiful. My favorite of all, not just because of the quick approach of Valentine's Day, but also because of its uniqueness, is one of the heart pendants she's created out of spoon handles. Take a look below.











This pretty little heart shape pendant is called Daffodil Heart Necklace . It is on a leather necklace and has a sterling lobster clasp. It is adjustable up to 18.5". It is the kind of necklace that can be given at the start of a new relationship or that can be worn with that little black dress your wearing to dinner.













I also love the Hibiscus DE vintage silver-plated lady's drop earrings. The earring wires are sterling silver. They are 1 ½ an inch long and ½ and inch wide. If only she had a pendant to match these adorable earrings.

I could go on about her lovely eco-friendly jewelry (I don't even like jewelry), but instead I'll have you link to her site to take a look at the rest of her work. There is a lot of it. Don't forget to look at her Biz Card Folder-HA1 , a fork reshaped and curled to hold business cards. It might make you want to grab a fork and bend it into something crazy.

For even more on Jennifer Northup go to Midweek .

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
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