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Lovely Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy Charm Makes Nice on Mothers Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you're scrambling to find a gift for the gal who has everything... when what Mom really wants is just to know you care. Now Tokyo's Strapya World makes giving the gift of the thought that counts easy as can be: the Lovely Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy Charm.

What makes this cute stuffed Teddy Bear different from, well, every other cute stuffed Teddy Bear? Lots: for one, it's not just the bear, it's a complete package. You get the stuffed Teddy Bear (in your choice of dark brown, brown, pink or yellow) a small red faux carnation, a ready-to-sign "Dear Mama" gift card and a custom drawstring gingham-pattern bag to hold everything together.

Both the bag and the Teddy Bear carry "Thanks Million MaMa" mottos, which may not be grammatically correct but hey - it's the thought that counts, right? Plus it's from Japan, not your local Wal-Mart (which would mean it's from China).

Each Teddy Bear is about 4-inches tall and has a ball chain mounted on its head, making it easy to attach the bear to Mom's cell phone, purse, rear view mirror or whatever. The ball chain clips & unclips easily so she can show off your thoughtfulness to the Mah Jong girls.

It doesn't make up for calling more often but then again, the Lovely Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy Charm reminds her that you really do care; on every day of the year, not just Mother's Day.


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Steve Levenstein