LovePlus Mobile Battery Collection Redefines Girl Power

Fans of the Japanese dating simulation game LovePlus should get a charge out of this: three new mobile phone & music player batteries, each one displaying the face of their favorite female LovePlus character.

You might ask what LovePlus, Konami's popular “dating sim”, has to do with charging up your smartphone... and really, the only answer is “not much” and even that's being generous. No matter: if we can have Hello Kitty Motor Oil, then let's enjoy LovePlus Mobile Batteries as well!

The three characters featured on each of these 1000mAh batteries are Rinko Kobayakawa, Manaka Takane and Nene Anegasaki. Each character is depicted in full color and in the requisite big-eyed anime style so appealing to fans of the genre.

When you purchase any LovePlus Mobile Battery, you also receive some cool accessories and while the white LovePlus logo carrying bag is nice, the expansive set of cables and adapters fall squarely into the “clever and thoughtful” category.

Be assured that should you purchase a LovePlus Mobile Battery, you'll be able to use it to charge devices from NTT Docomo, AU, SoftBank, Apple iPhone 4 and 3G smartphones, iPod series music players, Android smartphones including Xperia and Galaxy S using MicroUSB connectors, and a number of portable handheld game consoles including the Nintendo 3DS and Sony's PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Specs, we have specs! LovePlus Mobile Batteries provide up to 6 hours of extended talking time on basic mobile phones, up to 2 hours of extra smartphone usage and as much as 25 hours of extended playback on MP3 music players.

In addition to the aforementioned 6 different connection terminals, USB attachment cable and carrying bag, owners  receive an instruction manual and an adhesive sucker terminal. Each battery weighs 40 grams (under 2 oz) and measures 87mm (3.48”) long × 57mm (2.28”) wide × 7mm (0.28”) thick.

Amazon Japan is carrying all the Rinko and Nene LovePlus Mobile Battery designs along with their accessories for 3,822 yen (about $49.50) each, and the Manaka LovePlus Mobile Battery design goes for 3,549 yen ($45.75).