LSU Football Team Fights Concussions Head On: Vector Mouthguard Could Help Save Athletes’ Lives

It’s no secret that a staggering75 percent of football players in the United States have a chance of suffering a concussion, and now a Seattle-based tech startup company wants to tackle the issue of head injuries for good.

To help reduce the risk of players getting concussions, i1 Biometrics just launched a new cutting-edge device called the Vector Mouthguard.

The company has partnered with the Louisiana State University (LSU) football team (NCAA Div. 1) to test out the mouthguard that measures head impacts during games and even practices.

Dillon Gordon, LSU Tight End with the new Vector Mouthguard:i1 Biometrics 2014.Dillon Gordon, LSU Tight End with the new Vector Mouthguard:i1 Biometrics 2014.

The new device has a small chip in it that is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, antenna and battery, and provides real-time data to coaches and trainers on the sidelines. The data from a hit is recorded and instantly displayed on a smartphone or tablet in real time.

In all, this new technological marvel breakthrough will help LSU and other football teams down the road properly analyze serve concussion-like-hits that a player experiences on the field.

The LSU Tigers are the first team in the NCAA testing out the device. It is highly anticipated that a large number of teams in the NCAA and the NFL, as well as high school football teams across the USA, are expected to use the device for the 2015 season.

Jack Marruci, Director of Athletic Training at LSU, says the Tigers have their fair share of concussions among players during training camp in the summer, during the season, and in the playoffs.

“There’s a high volume of concussions in training camps and we see a volume in a certain subgroup of the team, which is the offensive linemen and some defensive linemen. So we wanted to see and make it more clear as to why this was happening,” says Marruci.

"It was a perfect marriage of what we were looking for — more data. It’s like having a computer on board — it can check for safety. It’s basically another set of eyes you can have," he says.

According to Jesse Harper, the CEO of i1 Biometrics, concussions can often be hard to diagnose, however his company’s new product should take care of all the guesswork.

“A significant struggle faced by coaches and trainers today is centered around knowing the severity and location of head impact on the field of play,” says Harper.

He adds, “The Vector Mouthguard with ESP Chip Technology is engineered to reduce the assumptions so that coaches and trainers have accurate and timely data to help make proper decisions for their student athletes.”

The Vector Mouthguard costs $199.00 (USD) will be a life saver for athletes who want a successful career in football.

Tackling Concussions Head On: The Vector Mouthguard is new cutting-edge technology.Tackling Concussions Head On: The Vector Mouthguard is new cutting-edge technology.