The Luck of the Irish - Soda Cans

Diet Coke recently took a non-Saint Patrick's Day promotion to Ireland.

According to TrendHunter, Diet Coke launched a limited edition collection of six soda cans, each featuring a colourful can design from six of Ireland’s top fashion designers in the fields of fashion, textiles, art and interior design. The designs range from zebra print to fishnet stockings.

The cans are only available in Northern Ireland after the results of a a survey, given by Diet Coke, made it very clear that women in the region are very fashion forward, unique and individualistic.

A Diet Coke brand manager said, "it's obvious from the results that Northern Island's women are embracing and celebrating their style freedom more than ever. A person's style is the ultimate manifestation of who they are...our six "Design Cans" allow you to "Choose the Look you Love" and there is a can to match every look...the must have accessory to every outfit."

What do you think of these special design cans? Does is improve sales? What other brands have tried this?

Source: Trend Hunter and Starbane Chronicle