Lucky Break Wishbones:Strange Niche Holiday Business

If you haven't heard of synthetic wishbones, then you probably should have because it's a six figure industry that makes up a niche holiday business.

Niche Wishbone CompanyNiche Wishbone Company

With the holidays approaching, no one should have to miss out on the joy of breaking a wishbone. Vegans and vegetarians might miss out on the typical version of the holiday tradition, and others at their Thanksgiving and Christmas tables might not find that there are enough wishbones to go around for everyone to get in on the action. So, there are companies like Lucky Break Wishbones that sell the plastic version. They increase the holiday joy and prove to be a profitable business at the same time.

Lucky Break WishbonesLucky Break Wishbones

Hey, no one ever said that all niche businesses had to be genius, some just have to capture a niche market, no matter how unusual! You can buy these at Amazon.

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