Lucky Buddha: Time To Start Upcycling Beer Bottles Instead Of Recycling

More and more people are getting into recycling these days and if they don't have home pick-up, then they haul it to the nearest recycling center. Then there is upcycling. That is taking an item and turning it into Lucky Buddha Glass (Protect the Planet)Lucky Buddha Glass (Protect the Planet)something new without having to reduce it to a bulk form for use in manufacturing. One of the cool products that has come out of upcycling is this cute and kitschy Lucky Buddha Glass, made from old bottles from Lucky Buddha Beer.

Lucky Buddha beer comes from China and is bottled in these cute Buddha-shaped bottles. Beer lovers like the beer and enjoy the bottle it comes in even more. Even the cap has a Buddha on it. So now these beer lovers can choose to drink it straight from the green Buddha bottle, or pour it into a nearly identical green Buddha glass.

Lucky Buddha Glass (Etsy)Lucky Buddha Glass (Etsy)Old bottles in good shape are gathered by the artisans making these glasses and carefully washed. Then they are heated in ovens and a punt attached to the bottom. The bottle is then heated in a glory hold furnace until the glass has softened enough to be worked. Then the neck of the bottle is opened out to its desired shape. It is then returned to the oven to be cooled slowly to keep it from cracking or breaking.

Because each glass is heated and shaped individually there are small variations from one glass to another. These enlightened glasses hold 12 ounces each. While they are not officially approved by Lucky Buddha beer, the real Buddha seems to be okie-dokie with the whole thing. 

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