Lull Your Baby To Sleep With The Hushamok

Who doesn’t love the comfort and security of swaying in a hammock?  The sides of the hammock gently cradle your body as you look up towards the sky.  It is a very peaceful feeling.  No wonder it is so easy to fall asleep in one of those things.  What if you could give your baby (or another baby you love) that same soothing experience?

The Hushamok Dream was created to do just that.  The sleep system consists of a 100 percent Turkish organic cotton hammock that hangs from a lightweight and flexible aluminum stand.  It is designed to hold babies up to six months or who weigh up to 21 pounds.  The set also comes with two fitted sheets made of the same cotton as the hammock so that it is all very soft and breathable.  In addition, the mattress is removable and machine washable.

The makers of the hammock say that it helps small babies to feel more relaxed because they are used to the movement of being in the womb.  Unlike cribs, this device allows for gentle motion.  It also does not have a flat, rigid bottom, so the baby is held in a more comfortable position and is less likely to develop a flat head.

The Hushamok can be disassembled and includes a carrying bag so that baby can have the comfort of home while travelling.  It looks really cozy to me.  I kind of wish they made an adult one. You can get the Hushamock Dream or other Hushamock products on Amazon.


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Apr 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Get Your Baby to Sleep

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Apr 29, 2010
by Kim Patterson


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