Lumafit: The Fitness Tracker For Body And Mind

Lumafit SensorLumafit Sensor

Fitness trackers are all the rage right now, so to break into that market, a company has to come up with something special. The people at Lumafit have done that in developing a sensor that not only tracks your fitness and gives you interactive workouts, but coaches you in meditation, keeping your mind fit as well.

Lumafit Gym TrackerLumafit Gym Tracker

The Lumafit sensor fits in the ear and is able to detect movement so it can track things like stride, impact force, air time and symmetry in movement. It also has an on board heart rate monitor. Through these measurements Lumafit can coach you in your workouts and give you your heart age. 

You can also use the Lumafit app to do in home workouts. Lumafit is Bluetooth enabled so connects with your smart phone to store all of your information in the app. The app also has a bootcamp class option which only requires you have space and time to do it (no gym needed).

Lumafit MeditationLumafit Meditation

The Lumafit app can also direct you in meditation. The sensor measures heart waveform and tiny variations in your heartrate,  beat-to-beat, so as to detect stress signals. It can let you know how relaxed you are after your 10 minute supercharge session. With the meditation option you can be sure to let your body and mind recover after training sessions. 

The Lumafit sensor and app are currently going for $100. You can check out the Lumafit site for more information and to pre-order this body and mind fitness device.