Lumi Deco LED Light-up Nail Stickers Shine When Your Phone Rings

Lumi Deco LED Light-up Nail Stickers from Takara Tomy ARTS may be the world's first interactive nail appliques. Each set of 16 nail stickers includes one sticker fitted with a tiny LED.

The LED is programmed to flash when NFC (Near Field Communication) waves are detected - no batteries required! NFC is currently used in Android devices, mobile electronic wallets, and digital cash IC cards.

These applications use NFC waves at very short distances so the LED Light-up Nail Sticker will only flash when the wearer (and not some random stranger) performs an NFC function. If your model of phone doesn't already have NFC functionality, not to worry: simply installing a dedicated free app will get your nails flashing.

Six different designs are available and the LED sticker itself is very unobtrusive when it's not flashing – it's just 0.5mm thick. You can order Lumi Deco LED Light-up Nail Stickers online from White Rabbit Express.