Lumigram Launches Party Wear

French design house Lumigram is really living up to its motto of "Light for Style."

We had seen this company earlier when they had just launched their luminous fabric and early products like table cloths and cushion covers.

Now Lumigram has launched a range of evening wear for both men and women including sexy bras and shawls. The entire range retails at between 99-170 Euros and is available at the online store.

The light emitted from LumiTops is soft and sensuous.

Lumigram clothes are powered by 1.5V replaceable batteries, which light the top for more than 12 hours. A small switch on the battery box allows the wearer to light the fiber on/off.

This is what you should be wearing if you want to be noticed at the club, while retaining a hint of subtlety and mystery.

LumiTops are for men and women who want innovation in what they choose to wear.












Via: Lumigram

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Aug 13, 2008
by Anonymous


Brilliant !

Jan 15, 2009
by Anonymous