The Lumo Lift: A Little Bling For Better Posture

Wish you had an easy way to improve your posture?

My mother always scolded me for slouching. I never was one for good posture, and once I moved out, her constant reminders stopped, and I slouched my heart out. It's bad for your back and spine, undoes ab workouts, and makes you look bigger. I don't want any of that, so I may try the new Lumo Lift. This little piece of bling supplies constant reminders I need to keep from slouching. If you're anything like me, it might be a good device to buy.

Lumo Lift ColorsLumo Lift Colors

The Lumo Lift attaches to your clothing at the collar or shoulder, held in place by a small magnet. The squares are colorful and match whatever you want to wear. The little pin measures the top curve of your spine, and when your spine starts to bend, the Lift buzzes. Lumo Body Tech has other products that fix posture as well, but the Lift is perfect for people on the go. 

 There's some serious science behind this little pin. When you hold yourself in an open, upright position, your body releases a surge of hormones that make you feel more powerful. Who doesn't love a good hormone surge? Plus, an open body position makes you look more welcoming and friendly.

The Lumo Lift doesn't stop at posture. The little bling hooks up with an app for your smart phone. The app keeps track of your steps, calories, and mileage and will let you know when you've been inactive for too long. I was surprised to learn something so small could do so much.

Originally, I was willing to look past the simplicity of the Lift's clasp design because of all the benefits. Still, I was slightly disappointed at how basic the pin looked. In January, though, Lumo Body Tech released designer clasps to cover the Lift. That little extra pizzazz  was enough to make me love this idea.

Lumo Lift Designer ClaspsLumo Lift Designer Clasps

 My only real issue is that Lumo Body Tech didn't make many for pre-ordering. The product drops in the summer of 2014, but the counter on the Lumo Lift website is constantly decreasing, showing that fewer of these gadgets are left. I assume Lumo Body Tech will make more once it's officially released, but that means, unless I buy one soon, I will have to wait even longer. One of my many flaws in addition to slouching is being impatient. If you want one, get it soon.  But make sure to save one for me because I'd like a little bling to better my posture. 

If you'd like to purchase a Lumo Lift and improve your posture, you can find the pre-order information here. For those who don't want to wait, the BioFeedback Posture Trainer may be a good alternative. 

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