Luna Is A Smart 360° Camera For Everyone

It looks like an eyeball that’s about the size of a pool ball, but it’s a camera – a high-tech one on every level.

A team of inventors from Mountain View, California, has developed Luna, which they claim is the world’s smallest and smartest camera presently on the market.

Luna is a 360° camera designed for everyone and it is loaded with all sorts of powerful technology.

With the click of just one button, the device provides breathtaking images and video. And trust its inventors - you don’t need to be a technical wizard or professional photographer or videographer to operate it. It’s beyond easy to use, in fact just as easy as capturing photographs and video with your smartphone.

The device is only 6cm in diameter and weighs only 180g, so you can take in anywhere you go.

There are no camera rigs, no stitching, and no cables – you get 360° HD video with the click of just one button.

Luna Is Creative From Every Angle

According to the company’s website, the device uses a dual 190° fish-eye lens technology. And it is a gadget that is small yet very sturdy. The outside is made of aluminum, and has a scratch proof glass, and offers 32GB of storage.

Luna has built-in Wi-Fi which means you preview all your footage on your smartphone and you can save your memories wirelessly on other devices, like your tablet and desktop. You can also live-stream your moments in 360° on social media. What’s even more cool with this device is that with Luna Cardboard and Luna’s mobile app, you can view your videos in immersive virtual reality.

The microphone inside the device is sound on every level – it captures top-notch quality audio which adds even more life to your videos.

Luna is also waterproof and has built-in-gyro-stabilization which means that it’s an awesome companion on your adventures in the neighborhood or while globe-trotting around the world.

The gadget also comes with a magnetic adapter so you can stick it to any magnetic surface and also interface it with a monopod, a keychain, a docking station, and a universal accessory adaptor.

Luna Is Designed For You

The team of inventors met at NASA Research Park in Mountain View and from there their dream to design and develop Luna was born. The Luna team expanded further at Singularity University’s GSP program in 2014. And now they have finally unveiled their new 007-like device.

“We have come a long way,” says the Luna team. “We have engineered a camera that seemed impossible to build.”

A camera like this will certainly be a hit on the market. It’s small, easy to use, and boasts quality on the audio and video fronts.

The device may seem pricey – it retails for $499.00. But photo and video enthusiasts alike who are hooked on sharing their adventures on social media probably won’t have a problem with paying this much for a camera. After all, it’s a 360° camera, a one-of-a-kind that lets you shoot and share your ‘big picture’ moments.

Will we see more cameras like this anytime soon on the market?