Luna: A Watch to Watch Out For


A perfect combination is often desired but rarely achieved. The Luna watch, we can say has achieved this.

LunaLunaA combination of stainless steel, Swarovski's finest crystal, a portion of Signity's brilliance in gems, a Spessartite Garnet and the design element of John Pszeniczny have gone into creating the Luna watch, a uber cool time machine.

This masterpiece looks like a crystal ball, an enigma.

One wants to ask, "but where is the time?"

Well, to know what hour and minute of the day it is, all you need to do is touch the two contact points and the time will suddenly appear right inside the crystal, creating an illusion of all of it floating magically inside the crystal. The watch has a subtle luminescence and seems to glow with some supernatural powers.

A classic harmony between function and aesthetics, the Luna watch makes a perfect time machine as well as a chic and stylish fashion accessory.

Wear it, and see the heads turn, for the Luna watch is a head turner in itself.

Via: yankodesign

May 29, 2008
by makeworldbetter
makeworldbetter's picture

Nice watch

Nice watch for women

another expensive gift for men