Luna: Organic Meal Plan For Pregnant and Nursing Women

Despite the cravings that can accompany pregnancy, it can be challenging for women who are expecting or nursing to focus on maintaining a balanced diet that is crucial for the health of a baby. It can take a lot of effort to research the foods that are beneficial and those to avoid, and who wants to do that when exhausted from pregnancy or caring for a brand new baby. A new brand of food just for pregnant women, takes the thought out of nutrition in pregnancy.

Luna is a new meal program for pregnant and nursing women that combines nutrition with pleasure. It addresses the specific needs that pregnant women have by upping the ante for nutrients that they're lacking, including Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Iron, Magnesium and Calcium. All of the foods are also rich in fiber, complex sugars and all of the essential fatty acids, and they're organic and 100% natural so the focus of this meal program really is upon prenatal health.

Luna's meal program includes everything from drinks to desert, to breakfast cereal, soups and baked goods. This is one company that's off to a great start, making a pregnant woman's diet with relatively no thought required, but a couple of key elements are missing. There really are no main course entrees, and while retailers in France carry the Luna line; they're lacking a delivery service that diet meal plans typically offer, which would certainly help make mealtime even easier for pregnant women.