Lunar Cubit Tells Time And Makes Energy

Lunar Cubit is a unique design for power generation and storage that comes in the form of nine pyramids and is slated to be built outside of Masdar city in Abu Dhabi.

As the world's first potentially "carbon-free" metropolis, the city of Masdar has taken to looking for innovate and creative ways to power the homes and buildings within its walls, and the Lunar Cubit certainly qualifies. Designed to look like eight small pyramids circling a larger one, the Lunar Cubit design will store enough solar energy during the day to power 250 homes. Sound cool? Of couse, but that's not all.

The small ringing pyramids are intended to be 22 meters high with the central one topping a whopping 50 meters. The structures will be made of glass, amorphous silicone, steel and concrete and city dwellers and tourists alike will be encouraged to walk among them and though them at their leisure. There will be no moving parts, simply buried electrical cables that will take away the energy that is being stored during the day.

In addition, the Lunar cubit is designed to brighten during the night depending on the phases of the moon. Each pyramid will be equipped with LEDs that will light up as the crescent moon or "Hilal" approaches. At a new moon the Cubit will be fully illuminated and will slowly dim as the phases progress to a full moon.

The moon: she is waxing!The moon: she is waxing! 

The design has already won the United Arab Emirates design award and plans are already in the works to place it at three specific sites around the new metropolis.

For a solar collection device, the Lunar Cubit is certainly one of the more unique, attractive and audacious we've even seen, even for one that moons us.

Source: Lunar Cubit 

Feb 18, 2011
by Anonymous

Love 2 see this in these venues

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Radical concept