Lunch Punch Brings the Fun to Mealtime

Parents rejoice!  If you are sick of the constant struggle to get your kids interested in their meals then the Lunch Punch may be a great tool to include in your box of tricks.  This sandwich cutter is available in several adorable shapes (with more shapes for larger sized bread to come) and has several advantages over basic cutters.

The creators of the Lunch Punch have taken several concerns into consideration in their design.  Firstly, the punch is made out of dishwasher safe, food grade plastic that is free of BPA, Phthalate and lead.  The shapes are imaginative and interactive.  This gadget is also designed tall and wide so that it does not squish down the bread, causing important filling to ooze out.  The larger width ensures that very little bread is trimmed off, other than the much maligned crusts.

In addition to creating fun sandwiches, you can use the punch to craft unique cookies, French toast and other kid-friendly foods.



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