Hands Free Baby Bottle: Basic Motor Skills Not Required

New moms are undoubtedly running around changing diapers, feeding their little one, and busying themselves with all the other tasks required to keep baby happy and healthy. This doesn’t eliminate the demand to complete errands and get the housework done in a timely manner, which is why moms are always welcoming new gadgets and innovations that make the baby routine a little easier.

Some Popular Podee Products: Source: Nossgalenbaby.comSome Popular Podee Products: Source: Nossgalenbaby.com

Today’s winner of great baby invention is the Podee, the manufacturer of a hands free bottle perfect for babies in two unique ways.

The first advantage to owning a Podee Hands Free Bottle is the fact you can give “fast food” to your baby. Podee is a unique feeding system that allows to feed your baby in upright or semi-upright position. The hands free feature works like a pacifier, allowing you to strap your child into their car seat with their bottle, and they can enjoy lunch on the run while you zoom around town taking care of your to-do list. Even very young children who cannot yet hold their own bottle will benefit from the pacifier feature of the Podee Hands Free Bottle. Mom is free to drive, clean, and take care of other pressing issues, while baby gets the good stuff.

Podee Baby Bottle: Source: twinsthings.co.ukPodee Baby Bottle: Source: twinsthings.co.uk

Secondly, the Podee Hands Free Bottle is recommended by pediatricians based upon studies that show feeding your infant in an upright position can help to prevent ear infections and other common physical ailments. Giving your child formula with a Podee Hands Free Bottle instead of a regular bottle allows you to have him/her sitting on your lap. You can get in some cuddle time too!

Studies have also shown that eating upright can reduce a child’s risk of colic, which every mother is grateful for!

Source: Bonny Babies

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Dec 18, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

This looks very much like

This looks very much like some of the very old baby bottles used at the turn of the last century. So what's new about it?