Lunchskins: Saving The Earth One Sandwich At A Time!

You know the thousands of clear plastic baggies that you threw away five days a week from preschool through high school? The innovative crew at Lunchskins thought that the individual sandwich holding baggie was way overdue for an environmentally friendly update, and they were right!


Lunchskins are reusable bags made in a trio of convenient sizes to hold whatever you or your kids bring along for lunch. These would’ve been an excellent thing for me to have when I was in school, especially since I enjoyed a turkey and mustard sandwich each day, my mom kept buying disposable baggies for the previously mentioned lunch staple and because I’d have really appreciated their “green lizard” design. (It reminds me of the hoard of adorable anole lizards that bounce around outside whenever the weather is warm!) Lizards might be my thing, but with fruit, sharks, soccer, flowers, and a host of abstract and colorful patterns, there is definitely a Lunchskin for everyone’s midday meal.


A Lunchskin is an investment that saves the “brown bagger” even more money in the long run, and I really put emphasis on “long run,” as they are dishwasher-safe, quick-drying, grease-proof and moisture-proof, so each of these handy bangs will tote your snacks for a good, long time. Whether it’s for the convenience, penny pinching, or if you’re looking to put a serious dent in the 20 million plastic sandwich bags that end up in landfills each year, Lunchskins are a fantastic idea for the ultimate sustainable lunch. Don't forget to pick up your favorite designs at Amazon!


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