Lussedia Chair Brings the Bling Bling

Interested in dropping some extra cash on a luxury chair? You may have found the perfect choice with Lussedia, the latest in ultra-luxe seating. Produced by Dutch company Zero Gee and introduced at the "Millionaire Fair " held in Amsterdam last December (my kind of party), this chair promises to keep you fully blinging.

kickin' back in stylekickin' back in style

Lussedia is the latest addition to a range of opulent furniture by Dutch designer Gianni Orsini of WeLL Design. This extravagant seat is custom-made from leather, silk, and 24-carat gold, and right now is only a concept. The brains behind the beauty included collaboration with Delft University of Technology to work out the ergonomic aspects, maximizing comfort in both upright and reclined positions.

Intensely enjoying LussediaIntensely enjoying Lussedia

No telling how much this piece will set you back, but if it was introduced at a "Millionaire Fair," I'll let you venture a guess on that one.

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