Luxurious Headphone Covers With Onboard Storage By Bless Design

Men don't have very many acceptable storage options when they're out and about. The man purse comes with a level of mockery, and overfilling pockets can result in inconvenient bulges or embarrassing plumber's crack. Bless design group has come with a practical and discreet alternative that goes along with an accessory that most men carry with them anyways.

Storage Accessory for MenStorage Accessory for Men

Bless has added a cover to a set of standard Sony headphones in leather, that includes zippered pockets for storage of items that can't be conveniently stored in pockets. It's a hands-free option, and convenient for men who just can't seem to leave home without their personal audio systems when they go about their day. There is one downside, however; while it might be an interesting way for men to store their stuff on the go, this wearable gadget cover doesn't come cheap at 475 Euro.

Bless Headphone CoversBless Headphone Covers

Via: Hypebeast