Luxury Leica Camera Gets A Hermes Makeover

Let's be candid, the Leica M7 Limited Edition 'Hermes' Camera isn't for armchair photographers. For 200 lucky buyers with money to burn, however, it's much more than a mere flash in the pan.   

Leica, the king of serious photography, is getting together with Atelier Hermes, queen of French style and luxury to create a unique camera that combines the best of both worlds. The Leica M7 "Hermes" is a worthy successor to 2003's Leica MP Hermes edition, which draws 5-figure bids when examples appear on auction at eBay.

The new M7 Hermes models feature silver chrome bodies trimmed with calfskin leather in either orange and etoupe (a sort of dark beige) and each color will be limited to just 100 pieces marked with a sequential serial number from 001/200 to 200/200. The price of one of these cameras, due for release in December 2009, is expected to be 9,500,00 euros.

Luxurious or not, the M7 is a serious photographic machine as are any cameras bearing the historic Leica name. The limited edition model includes a silver anodized a LEICAVIT M rapid winder, a LEICA SUMMILUX-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH wide-angle lens, and a matching classic round lens hood unique to the Hermes M7s. A handcrafted leather carrying strap from Atelier Hermes (matching the color of each camera) is also included, and each camera with its accessories is packaged in a silk-lined, linen-covered box.

At least one of the Leica M7 Limited Edition 'Hermes' Cameras was prominently displayed at the newly opened Leica store in Tokyo but it's likely there are a few more under wraps in the back room. Though the luxury aspect probably won't impress traditional photographers, the M7 packs the same finely honed nuts & bolts beneath the fancy new calfskin. All in all, what's not to Leica? (via Femmething and Leica Rumors)