Lytro Announces New 3D Living Picture Experience

Lytro, Inc., creator of the world's first consumer light field camera just announced Lytro 3D, a collection of features that delivers a new way for everyone to experience living pictures in 3D on their desktop PC and on mobile devices.

With the release of Lytro Desktop 3.1 for Mac and Windows, available for download at, and Lytro Mobile 1.2 for iOS, living pictures that have been processed for perspective shift can now take on a new dimension of storytelling in 3D. Show off your living pictures in Presentation Mode as 3D images on the updated Lytro Desktop and Mobile App and, by connecting to a 3D-capable TV over HDMI or Apple Airplay, the Lytro experience can be extended to the living room. Lytro pointed out that this is the first camera that allows photographers to create a 3D image with a single exposure at the push of a button.

“The beauty and power of Light Field technology is that we are able to continue to expand on how living pictures are experienced, first with Perspective Shift and now 3D,” said Jason Rosenthal, CEO, Lytro. “Lytro remains committed to delivering new ways to make visual storytelling more immersive and engaging through innovative software and hardware.”

Also announced, the Lytro camera in Cobalt Blue is available exclusively at the Apple Online Store worldwide and in Limited Edition Champagne in the U.S. and Canada. This new channel in North America and Europe marks continued momentum for Lytro, which has seen increasing demand for its light field technology around the world. 

For additional information and specs be sure to read this Lytro Camera article.

Nov 19, 2013
by Anonymous

Lytro is a cumbersome way to

Lytro is a cumbersome way to get 3D data, children have been doing exactly this with xbox kinect cameras for a while now. Furthermore 3D models can be generated from a series of 2D images.....sooooo Lytro is obsolete. Maybe andreessen horowitz don't know technology like everyone pretends they do.