Lytro-style Camera Technology On Smartphones Soon

In a previous article I covered the Lytro Camera and Light Field theory. This technology allows you to refocus images after the picture has been taken. Now, Pelican Imaging, inventor of array camera technology for mobile devices, has announced an investment deal in which Nokia invested $20M in the company. This could mean that a Nokia smartphone with array camera technology may be developed in the near future. This type of technology operates on the same principal as the Lytro camera, but in this case captures images through an array of lenses that allow refocusing and even shifting perspective after the fact.

“We’re excited to take the company to the next level,” stated Pelican Imaging CEO and President Christopher Pickett in a recent press release. “The support from industry leaders like Qualcomm Ventures and NGP really underscores the validity of our technology in the marketplace. The continued backing from our current investors is a reflection of their confidence in our technology and our ability to execute in order to disrupt the mobile photography space.”

The company's website states that "Pelican’s computational camera solution provides depth at every pixel, giving users the freedom to refocus after the fact, focus on multiple subjects, segment objects, take linear depth measurements, apply filters, change backgrounds, and easily combine photos, from any device."

This could mean that Light Field technology may soon become more than just a gimmick, geared towards photography gadget enthusiasts, and become a standard camera feature on smartphones.

The following video shows Pelican Imaging's technology in action.