Ma Cacabane Gives Toddlers Some Private Potty Time


Everyone needs some privacy in the bathroom from time to time.  Unfortunately for little kids who are potty training, time alone is often in short supply.  Some little guys don’t care who is around, but others seem to wish they could have the same quiet time as the adults get.  In fact, I think that it gives some of them stage fright and prolongs the whole training process.



Ma Cacabane is a 100 percent recyclable cardboard outhouse-like enclosure for youngsters to use when they are doing their business.  The colorful hut can be set up around the toddler’s potty giving him/her some much deserved personal space and a bit of distraction, as the inside walls are covered in cheery pictures.  Parents can still check in on things through the small cut-outs on the sides.

It looks like a pretty cute idea, but I wonder how many people would actually have space in their bathrooms to set this up.  Maybe you could cut a large chunk out of the back and put it around the regular toilet so that everyone in the family could have some added privacy.

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