Macau Makes Like Manhattan with a Spectacular Central Park

Macau may sometimes seem to be in Hong Kong's shadow but to those who know China's other Special Administrative Region, this city of 545,000 offers a wealth of delights ranging from unique Portuguese-influenced cuisine to the world's most sumptuous gaming casinos.

The needs of Macau's inhabitants have hardly been neglected, however, as a huge and highly anticipated construction project creating the Taipa Central Park swings into high gear. When completed in the second quarter of 2012, Macau's exquisite Central Park will rival its New York namesake as an oasis of pastoral charm in the center of a thriving megalopolis.

Construction of Taipa Central Park and its associated underground parking facilities began in the second quarter of 2009 under the supervision of Macau's Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau.

Set in the heart of Taipa Island (the central of Macau's three main components), the Central Park will feature an artificial lake that will serve as a swimming pool during the city's hot and humid summer.

Complementing the lake will be a circuitous jogging trail, an area set aside for pets and their owners, and a children's recreation area. A 2,200 square meter library will, along with a sheltered recreation center, offer respite from the weather according to Lao Chan Chong, an official with the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau.

With a total area of 28,000 square meters (just under 1 million sq ft), Taipa Central Park is no match for Manhattan's iconic Central Park. Considering that Macau's population is only about 1/15 that of New York City, on the other hand, Macau's citizens should find their new patch of blue & green to be very much to their taste. (via Xinhuanet and See Macau Now)