Mademoiselle Alma LEGO Love Design Jewelry Makes Mother's Day Gifts Easy

Mademoiselle Alma LEGO EarringsMademoiselle Alma LEGO Earrings


Looking for super fun jewelry that really stands out? Is it the kid in you that still influences your style and shopping decisions? Maybe you're looking for a Mother's Day gift with a little whimsy for a young mom or even your daughter or niece. Whomever it is, Mademoiselle Alma's handcrafted LEGO jewelry could be just the thing you're looking for when it comes to imaginative and creative jewelry for the young at heart.

Mademoiselle Alma LEGO Love Designer

Everybody remembers playing with LEGOs as a kid. The bright, colorful plastic bricks that snap together to create seemingly anything when you were a child was only limited by your imagination. Sarah Noly, the woman behind Mademoiselle Alma, has taken playtime a step further with her original jewelry designs to produce unique pieces of wearable art by incorporating LEGO bricks and Swarovski crystals that are sweet, fun and funky.


The driving force for these sought-after LEGO Love creations was a desire to provide beautiful and original jewelry for Noly's young daughter Alma, the brand's namesake. Sarah, an up-and-coming French-Israeli designer, cites her influences as modern art, "geek" culture and various forms of futuristic or cutting-edge fashion trends. Add to that her love of the Scandinavian culture and their take on fashion for children, and it's easy to see where her draw to the beloved Danish toys known the world over as LEGO came from. Those influences — combined with Noly's background in art, political science and the luxury industry — were the basis for the transition from creative outlet to business platform.

Mademoiselle Alma LEGO Heart NecklaceMademoiselle Alma LEGO Heart Necklace

Mother's Day Gifts

As a perfectionist, Sarah Noly is committed to developing high-quality wearable art that speaks of her passion. That passion is present in her LEGO Love collection. With the knowledge that love is universally represented with heart-shaped images and designs, Mademoiselle Alma offers dozens of choices for LEGO heart jewelry in the form of necklaces and collectibles that come in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes she has searched the world over for. Because they are handcrafted and can be custom ordered, they're perfect for personalized gift giving, such as Mother's Day.

Mademoiselle Alma LEGO HairclipMademoiselle Alma LEGO Hairclip


Jewelry with a Playful Side

Showing your playful side is made easy with rings, earrings, bracelets and pins by Mademoiselle Alma LEGO jewelry. Fun and funky hair clips are making a comeback as the latest must-have fashion accessory this year. Why not display your geek chic with an adorable LEGO brick adorned with a Swarovski crystal or two in your hair? They're sure to garner attention and loads of compliments. It's up to you whether you share your fashion-forward source with friends and admirers.

Jewelry for Party Favors and Grab Bags

Available in bulk, Mademoiselle Alma's LEGO jewelry makes the perfect swag for grab bags and party favors. Whether it's a birthday, girls' get together or even a bridal or baby shower, these Love Designs made from LEGO bricks and other high-quality components can be a really welcome surprise for guests of any age. They even make great party favors for house parties and product parties with the added benefit of being reasonably priced. Now you don't have to settle for ordinary in your style and gift giving when you can be extraordinary with original jewelry and accessories from Mademoiselle Alma.

You can find Mademoiselle Alma's LEGO Jewelry on Etsy. For more inspiration, the designer can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest.