Magic Bean Grows “I Love You”

I've always told my husband I prefer a potted plant to cut flowers any day. Potted plants last longer, bloom longer and are far more eco-friendly than cut flowers. So when I came across a link for Magic Beans with a message of love I was naturally excited.

The magic beans I'm talking about have nothing to do with the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk. These magic beans are real and when they sprout a love message appears. All they need to grow is a little water and some patience and in a week or two the hidden message will appear above the surface. Most magic beans come in a kit with a container, soil and the magic beans.

At you can even have the magic beans personalized with your own small message. These beans come in terra cotta pots, but there are also magic beans that come in a terra cotta pot from Amazon or in a wood box from Wrapables.

What do you think of these magic beans that grow words of love? Are they an innovative idea or just plain ridiculous? 

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Jan 12, 2012
by Anonymous

Magic beans

Hi, where can I buy this?