Magic Five Sauce Bottles Spice Up Your Fave Squeeze

Nope, you're not seeing quintuple - unless you've had to much sake - these innovative sauce bottles spray your chosen condiments with style and, well, taste. Why hold the mayo or plunk a glop beside your slop? Simply squeeze a Magic Five bottle to dress up your dishes like a net for catching fishes!

OK, enough fractured prose. Magic Five is one of those products that could only have come from Japan, yet has compelling appeal in any culture. In a nutshell, the secret of Magic Five is its unique spout. Instead of dispensing sauce in a thick-ish, worm-like strip, it does so through five linearly arranged tiny holes thus laying down a razor-thin fivefold stripe.

As the photos illustrates, it's perfect for applying mayonnaise to one's salad or okonomiyaki (below - a skillet grilled pancake-like food made from flour, eggs, shredded cabbage and various toppings). See how much more aesthetically pleasing a net of fine mayo lines is, compared to an ugly dollop at the side of the plate?

Magic Five comes as a set of two (one red, one white), so okonomi-lovers will likely fill the red bottle with Otafku or Bulldog sauce (similar to steak sauce or English HP) and do the net thing cross-wise.

Magic Five bottles hold 200ml (around 6.75 fluid ounces) and are available online at Yahoo Japan for 1,259 yen per pair (about $12.50) which includes shipping - but they won't ship internationally. Just one more reason to make a Japanese friend or strike a deal with an accommodating gaijin. (via TokyoMango and BoingBoing Gadgets)