Magic Shadow : Product Review

A great memory I have growing up is making up shadow games on my wall with a lamp or flashlight. Monsters, birds, and dinosaurs were my favorite to create using only my hands and fingers. Unfortunately, the fun ended when the lights turned on.

Not so with Shadow Magic, a product which actually captures your shadow. Now the fun can really begin!

Just aim the Shadow Magic Light Blaster against a shadow near the phosphorescent screen and your shadow is frozen for quite some time. You can use the built-in light pen to draw on or around the shadow.

My kids and I both love this product. The light blaster has a manual or auto flash which is fun to use to make silly or creative shadows.

The Shadow Magic Light Blaster emits a high-intensity flash of light that can be dangerous to eyes. Make sure to not point it into the eyes of people or pets.

You can find Shadow Magic online for $24.95.

Mia Levine
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Jul 3, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I Used to Make Shadows

but never tried it like the boy pictured--with my legs bent behind me and jumping in the air.  I guess it really is true that kids today have more challenges growing up.