Magic Spiker Slip-On Soles Give Black Ice a Black Eye

Ice ice baby... and before you try some fancy dance moves on the winter-blasted pavement, you'd better have your Magic Spiker ice shoes on. These reinforced rubber slip-on stability enhancers feature 5 metal studs with 5 sharp points each – that's 25 toothy grippers per foot!

Simply stretch each Magic Spiker over the sole of your shoe from toe to heel. There are no screws to turn, no need to modify your pricy kickers in any way. Magic Spikers work with the design of your shoes to transform them from summer sidewalk slappers to winter weather-beaters in mere seconds.

Magic Spikers weigh about 60 grams (just over 2 oz.) each; you'll hardly notice you're wearing them. When you're not, hang 'em up using the included metal hook or stow them away in the (also included) handy fabric carrying bag.

They come in any color you want (as long as it's black), are made in Korea, and cost 399 yen (about $5.25) per pair from Shanghai Donya. Update: You can find these Magic Spikers in the U.S. here.

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Dec 2, 2011
by Anonymous



Dec 6, 2011
by Anonymous

Length of production

How long would it take do make it?