Magisso Tipping Teacup Allows You To Brew And Enjoy Without Added Accessories

Tea, and in particular loose leaf tea, has become incredibly popular and trendy in recent years. With all the information about various tea and infusion health benefits, it’s no wonder tea drinking is gaining steam. If you love loose leaf tea, but hate fumbling around with infusers there’s an option you may not have considered or even known about. The Magisso Tipping Teacup’s inventive design eliminates the middleman and gives tea enthusiasts the opportunity to brew and enjoy without added accessories.

With its sleek, modern style this teacup puts the focus on the experience of tea drinking. The unique design allows the cup to rest in two positions. When resting with the infuser portion tilted down you place the loose tea on the leaf side and pour the hot water in the water side until it reaches the leaves. Then all you have to do is let the tea steep until it’s the perfect strength for you. Once it’s ready you tilt the cup to the other side and enjoy.

The cups are dishwasher safe and have a removable screen to make cleaning simple. They’re also said to be the perfect size to wrap your hands around and soak up the warmth. To read more about the Magisso Tipping Teacup or to pick one up click here.