Magnets To Tumors - We're Hot For You

A new technique in cancer-killing uses magnetically heated nano particles to target and broil individual cancer cells. Toasty!

From Tel Aviv comes this concert of medicine and the fantastic power of heat. Rather than firing up a body like that flamey dude in the Fantastic Four - which while totally sweet looking would result in a startlingly high morbidity rate - professor Israel Gannot  has developed a process by which he can invidudally find and fry cancer cells.

It goes like this - so  long as the cancer cells can be tagged and identified, Prof. Gannot can create specifically tailored nano particles that can be ingested and will bind to the cancer cells. Then, the particles are heated by way of an external magnetic field. Inside the body of our patient and/or guinea pig, the nanoparticles get toasty hot, destroying the tumor cells in the process, but leaving surrounding cool-weather cells unharmed. It's like that guy next to you on the bus who sweats when it's just above zero. Sure, it's gross, but YOU don't sweat just because he's hot. Except for the magnetic field bit, it's the same deal.

Lung Tumor: Not attractive.Lung Tumor: Not attractive.


So far, Gannot has shown the treatment to be effective in destroying epithelial cancers in breasts and lungs, and is planning clinical trials in the coming year. The nanoparticles are injected safely and easily into the body, and will "flush out" without side effects once the treatment is complete (i.e. you're going to pee a lot, but safely, and without heat, let's hope).

The entire treatment procedure only takes six hours and can be done in an outpatient facility, letting patients feel not only more comfortable but also recover in their own homes.

No word on how the procedure makes you feel while your cancer cells are burning in agony, but we'd bet that most would be willing to stand the pain to give the little buggers their due.

Source: Tel Aviv University