Magnifying Safety Tweezers Zoom In To Pluck Out

These magnifying safety tweezers are an item you're gonna want to have in your first aid kit, because suffering with a splinter is anything but fun. Anyone who's fumbled around trying to grab hold of an embedded sliver - especially if the sufferer is a crying child - knows that speed and success go hand in hand. Not being able to see clearly what the object is and where to grab onto it makes the whole process much more difficult and painful.

With that in mind, consider these Petit 15x Safety Tweezers from Tokyo Sail and Noff Norticasa. The tweezers' thoughtful design combines an adjustable focus 15x magnifier with a pair of tweezers in such a way that the focal point of the magnifier is exactly where the two ends of the forceps arms meet.

These magnifying tweezers are Made in Japan from polycarbonate resin. The magnifying lens is composed of acrylic resin and the magnifier's tube is formed from chrome plated brass for strength and durability.

Although listed at the Noff Norticasa website with a price of 1,575 yen (about $17.50), the tweezers are currently sold out. Let's hope that situation is rectified as soon as possible. (via Kodawari)

 EDITOR'S NOTE: In the U.S., there are many magnifying tweezer options available. Although not 15x magnification, these lighted magnifying tweezers from Carsons are a good alternative.

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